Buyer Testimonial

Buyer Testimonial


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  1. Admin


  2. Ardesen

    I paid 5000 k SWTOR and I received credit in 30 minutes

  3. SwtorBoy

    I paid 200 Gold (Guild Wars 2)
    Got gold in 3 hours :)

  4. LegoM

    I received 100 million (Diabolo III) in 1 hour
    Thanks Admin

  5. dirk.brunken49

    Bought 2000M diablo gold, delivery in 5 mins ! Will come again :D

  6. alexandra

    After conacting i got my 3000M Gold in 4 mins, nice and fast support

  7. malasorte22

    Just buyed 1000g in gw2 , nice and fast delivery

  8. RabidMouse

    I was a bit skeptical when I first ordered but after the first few moments I was met with a professional sales representative on Skype and we quickly got my order filled. Thanks so much for the wonderful customer service and excellent competitive prices. I will bookmark this site and use for all my gaming needs!

  9. stealtzforce

    its legit sold 50g in gw2 and got paid the same minute

  10. IIdueceII

    As promised .. very nice to deal with ,, plan on using there services again.
    “Sela’ma ashal’anore!” Justice for our people

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